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PERFECT GROUP is a holding Company established in 1996 for more than one field concerning most of the branches of the construction market.

Architectural Consultancy, Interior Designing and Planning represented by PERFECT DESIGN GROUP 

Constructions and fine finishes field represented by PERFECT for CONSTRUCTION  ENGINEERING

Wrought iron art and furniture manufacturing represented by PERFECT for FERFORGE .


Sunday, 20-4-2008 , 4:00 pm

      Perfect Design Group  tender won the project (Interior decoration for a private flat).

Wednesday, 2-4-2008 , 1:30 pm

      Perfect for Construction Engineering  won a tender of project (Commercial Center- Mega Mall).

Monday, 3-3-2008 , 2:00 pm 

      Perfect for Construction Engineering  won a tender  of project (An Orphanage Shelter).

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PERFECT GROUP is a multi-disciplined organization which is proud to hold the experience of 12 years of hard, smart work concerning constructions fields, and the experience of highly good educated partners who are behind the success of PERFECT GROUP. ready to take those challenges; sensitive to the growing needs of Egypt's expanding domestic market; in the field of construction engineering.


Concerned with  the art of architecture and interior designing; taking care of architectural and interior designs Consultancy & Schematic Designs

Concerned with constructions fields; taking care of constructions and projects Management, operations in sites

Concerned with wrought iron works; tacking care of the designing and manufacturing of ferforge.

Our companies:
Perfect Design (Cairo, Egypt ).Perfect for Construction. (Cairo, Egypt).
Perfect for ferforge. (Cairo, Egypt).


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